Community of Practice

The NSF CAMP is building a community of practice to support methods scholarship in cultural anthropology. A major goal of our Community of Practice is to create an inclusive, big tent for all teachers of methods in anthropology, as well as practitioners and researchers. Our work aims to nurture a community in which new ideas and junior scholars can flourish. It also helps scholars work across long-standing divides within cultural anthropology, by building more innovative, integrative, and collaborative methods practices. All are invited to join by signing up here, and all are invited to participate in the activities outlined below. Methods are for everyone!

ActivityHow it builds a Community of Practice (CoP)
Online conferences  Online workshops & conferences will bring together CAMP faculty and advisory board members to discuss the future of methods teaching and practice.
Listserv & NewsletterA listserv and newsletter to highlight members’ accomplishments and contributions will also update our CoP about future meet-ups and opportunities.
YouTube Channel  A new YouTube channel will host the lectures (available to only CAMP students through 2023 and open to all thereafter) and other outreach materials making high-quality methods instruction accessible to anthropologists globally.
AAA & SfAAOur CoP will host panels, roundtables, and other informal events.
Social Media  Our distinguished faculty, advisory board members, Ph.D. students, and Community of Practice members collaborate to promote CAMP on social media.
Field Methods  Formerly known as Cultural Anthropology Methods, Bernard and Wutich are co-editors of the journal Field Methods. We encourage submissions from CAMP CoP members.
Collaborative ResearchNSF CAMP supports collaborative research on methods teaching & practice, through mentorship of junior scholars and work on collaborative datasets.
Advisory Board MeetingsAdvisory board members will be updated on progress-to-date and make suggestions for improvement.
External Evaluations & ReportsAn external evaluator will (1) assess the efficacy of online v. in-person methods instruction & (2) build capacity for improved methods teaching.
Website  Our website shares updates on future meet-ups, opportunities, & collaborations, making the Community of Practice accessible to anthropologists globally.
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