CAMP International

Coming Soon | 2024

In 2024, NSF CAMP – International will launch a free-to-all public anthropology methods curriculum globally. This highly anticipated launch is in partnership with the American Anthropological Association and the Society for Applied Anthropology, and an ever growing list of invited international anthropology partner organizations. We are excited to bring together organizations from around the world in a collaborative effort to expand access to and conversations about qualitative methods in anthropology. It is our goal that this international launch will allow anthropologists to engage with each other broadly, diversify the methods which we all have access to, and thus, strengthen our ability to engage research questions and pressing global issues with rigor and precision.

The CAMP International Curriculum

CAMP TopicsMethods Lectures
Research DesignResearch Design; Proposal Writing, The Exploratory-Confirmatory Continuum; Survey Methods; Online Research Methods; Causal Analysis; Data Management & Archiving
Ethical ResearchEthical Consenting; Doing Collaborative Research; Addressing Sexual Harassment and Assault; Advancing Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion
Data ManagementTranscription, Qualitative Data Management; Data Management and Archiving; PSPP
Sample DesignNon-Probability Sampling & Saturation; Sampling for Surveys; Sampling for Online Research
Indigenous MethodsCritical Indigenous Research Methods; Talking Circles; Indigenous Data Sovereignty
Participatory Methods Participatory Visual and Digital Methods; Participatory Observation; Participatory Action Research
Decolonizing MethodsDecolonizing Ethnography; Duo Ethnography; Sister-girl Talkl
Linguistic MethodsIndexicality Methods; Discourse Analysis; Conversation Analysis
Cross-cultural MethodsCross-cultural Design & Analysis; Cross-cultural Collaboration; International Research Ethics
Qualitative Data Analysis Reflexivity & Positionality; Theme Identification; Word-based Analysis; Coding & Content Analysis; Grounded Theory & Theoretical Sampling
Relational AnalysisThinking with Matrices; Relational Analysis; Whole Network Analysis; Personal Network Analysis; Cultural Consensus
Ecological MethodsEthnoecology; Spatial Analysis; Spatial Ethnography; Agent-based Modeling
Medical/PsychologicalCross-cultural Psychological Methods; Idioms of Distress; Medical Narratives
Biocultural MethodsAnthropometry & Nutritional methods; Cultural Domain Analysis; Cultural Consonance
Gender AnalysisFeminist Methodologies; Gender and Sex Complexities for Inclusive Data Collection; Gender, Sex, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity


CAMP International will make use of already existing resources developed by our faculty for previous NSF CAMP curriculum. We are also excited to feature some additional books and new lectures. Explore our current resource offerings below.

Method4all Lectures

Our newly developed lectures from distinguished faculty will be freely available on our YouTube channel. This channel features previously recorded lectures, as well as new ones recorded at the NSF CAMP Workshop in 2023. Explore methods and resources from globally recognized experts in the field of anthropology.

Methods4all Toolkit

Our NSF CAMP faculty have developed various resources to assist in online teaching and mentorship. As part of the NSF CAMP research design, we used a comparison design of three mentorship styles–the traditional Socratic method, the Critical Response Method, the NABC method, and a new method developed specifically for Methods CAMP, the NQ-ABC. Explore our Toolkit tab to view and download these resources.

Text Books

The following textbooks have been developed by our distinguished faculty. These texts will add to and compliment our CAMP curriculum.

Participating Partners

CAMP International is proud to partner with the following organizations to bring this program to anthropology students and educators around the world. Click on the links below to learn more about our enterprising partners.

Theme: Elation by Kaira.